seek homeschool coop



SEEK meets on Fridays for 10 weeks, from September through November, and again after a winter break, from February to April.  Each class day begins at 9am with a 15 minute general assembly time followed by three 50-minute classes. The school day ends at 12 noon with another general assembly time for picnic lunch and discussion of the day's successes and challenges.


SEEK exists to supplement home education with an organized enrichment program that facilitates physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth.  This is accomplished by creating a welcoming environment where collaborative, classroom-style learning experiences and resource sharing take place.

Our Teachers  

Every child is unique.  The beauty of homeschooling is parents can easily adapt education to accommodate different giftedness and learning styles. SEEK desires to celebrate those differences within a classroom setting. Interactive classes and extracurricular subjects allow teachers to meet diverse needs all at once and allow students to grow their skills in a collaborative learning environment. 

SEEK has many dedicated parents offering their time and expertise to prepare engaging lessons and lead 10-week courses. SEEK teachers are not necessarily professional educators but receive training and resources to ensure success in leading a class.