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Winter 2024 Fees & Classes*

K4 & K5

1 & 2


3 & 4


5 & 6


7 & 8


9 - 12


Music & Movement 
Human Body
Music & Movement 
I Am a Storyteller
Art thru the Ages
Where in the World
Baking 101
Fairytale STEAM
Creative Communi-cation
Survival Skills
Film Appreciation


*classes are subject to change without notice.

Fees & Enrollment Forms

To enroll children into the SEEK Co-op, parents/guardians must complete the below enrollment form.  Once SEEK receives the form, an email confirmation containing next steps will be sent to parents/guardians.  Leaders will add enrolled students to the appropriate class rosters so teachers can prepare sufficient course materials.  Students must be enrolled by the 2nd week of the semester in order to take the current classes.  If the semester is three or more weeks along, new students will be added to the following semester rosters.



Fees cover the cost of class consumables and operating costs and may range from $30-75 per child per semester depending on the grade level and course offerings. 

Class Placement

Students are placed in classes based on their age.  This is to increase efficacy when preparing relevant lessons, allocating appropriate class space, and promoting friendships.  If student numbers are low in a particular class, grade levels may be combined.

Grade breakdown: *According to Maine State requirements*

• K4 (4 years old by October 15th)

• K5 (5 years old by October 15th)

• Grade 1 (6 years old by October 15th)

• Grade 2 (7 years old by October 15th)

• Grade 3 (8 years old by October 15th)

• Grade 4 (9 years old by October 15th)

• Grade 5 (10 years old by October 15th)

• Grade 6 (11 years old by October 15th)

• Grade 7+ (12 years old by October 15th)


Exception to assigned grade levels:  If a child is struggling, or is anticipated to struggle with a particular subject or course material, that child may be allowed to take classes that are one grade level below the child’s age.

Signature pages to be printed, signed, and returned to SEEK Leadership:

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